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Jesus in the Gospel of Mark (Part 1)

About This Course

What is the Good News? What is the Kingdom of God that Jesus talks so much about? What is God's Mission and what is our part to play? What is discipleship and what does it mean for us?

Beginning with the context and stories of first century Israel, this course traces Jesus' teaching through the first 8 chapters of Mark's Gospel. Using the stories and characters of the narrative, this course explores core principles of the Kingdom of God, Incarnational Mission, Discipleship, Community, and Life in the Spirit. Taking inspiration from Mark as a storyteller, this course provokes reflection, discussion, and action. You can complete this course on your own, but the richest learning experience will be found through discussing and collaborating in a group.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the time commitment?

Approximately THREE hours per week in the form of:

1 hour of Online Content (ie readings, podcasts, videos, etc.)

1 hour of Group (discussion, reading, prayer)

1 hour of Action (assignments, character card responses)

Who can do this course?

The course is open to everyone

How much does it cost?

Cornerstone is offering this course at no cost.

If you would like to donate to the development of further courses please vist Cornerstone's secure online donation page and email to state that you would like your donation to go to the MOOC development.

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  3. Estimated Effort

    3 Hours Per Week